A helpful guide towards choosing the best roofs

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Even though it is a big decision, you need to spend some time to know which type of roof is best for different type of home and its quality to make a perfect choice later. Knowing the good and bad side of each roof type would help you achieve the best one for your property.

If you are planning to replace your roof or wish to purchase the best roofing option for your newly built home, then you will find various types of roofs available for you within the budget you have.

Asphalt roof

The roofs of asphalt are a common find across various homes as it is highly affordable. This roof type is a good choice as it is compliant with the standards of energy star to get a rebate for cool roof. This also indicates that you get to save more money while making sure that quality is not left behind. The shingles in these roofs are a bit thinner but have a higher lifespan than its counterparts. If you are looking for a roof that can last around 30 years, then asphalt roofs are a great choice. You can also find atlas roofs which are much thicker, durable and stronger, making it a reliable choice for homes located in regions that face severe hailstorms.

Wooden roofs

Wooden roofs are a bit pricey than asphalt roofs but it has a style of its own that has made it a favourite of many home owners. It is known for its ability to make a home aesthetically pleasing as it has a natural look. You can opt for roofs made from redwood or cedar to last around 50 years, without giving you any worries about replacing it in between. If you are on a lavish budget for your home, then you can go for this type of roofing.

Metal roofs

Metal roofs are one among the most popular roof options available in the market. These roofs are ideal for those homes that are built with a steep or flat roofline. You can find these roofs crafted out of constructed metal or out of solid metal. There are also cheaper ones made from galvanized metal. These roofs are becoming the best choice for homes in all regions as it can withstand all kinds of weather for a good period of up to 75 years.

Photovoltaic roofs

Also known as solar roofs, these roofs are a best find to lower the energy consumption and to raise the levels of sustainability in your home. These solar power roofs can derive the suns energy and convert it as DC current which can be later changed to AC to make your home appliances work effectively. These roofs can be integrated in the roofline of your property and have an aesthetic appeal while helping you lower your rate of dependency on public
utility company.

Tile roofs

Tile roofs are always popular for the unique look it lends to any home where it is applied. It can protect the home from all kinds of external factors for 50 years or more, making it a better choice than other options. In short, it is a onetime purchase and is considered as a “green” choice as it is made from natural materials such as clay and is recyclable.

These are some of the best roofs available for your home.